BCYAC Dual Credit Scholarship

BCYAC Dual Credit Scholarship 


This scholarship is intended to financially support Bates County students who wish to earn college credits by enrolling in dual credit courses.

1.  The student must demonstrate financial need.  This can be accomplished by:
a.  The school counselor verifying that the student qualifies for free/reduced lunch status for the school district.
b.  Filling out a worksheet with the student's personal and family financial information.

2.  The student must be enrolled in a dual credit course through their high school via an accredited university.

3.  The student must fill out the BCYAC Dual Credit Scholarship Application sheet in full, with accurate information.  The counselor will then forward the application to the BCYAC.

Amount: The BCYAC will pay a maximum of $250.00 for one dual credit course per student per year.  The student is responsible for any remaining balance.