• Enrollment Information

  • Students will be required to provide proof of residency in the Butler R-V School District at the time of their enrollment. As defined in the Safe Schools Act, residency means the student physically resides within the school district in the domicile of a parent or court-appointed guardian.


    Elementary Enrollment:  A child must be five years old before August 1 of the school year in which he or she plans to enroll to be admitted to Kindergarten and six years old before August 1 to be admitted to First Grade. Students who are entering Kindergarten to pre-register in the Spring prior to the Fall semester in which they are to begin attendance. Parents will be required to present their child's birth certificate or some other acceptable proof of age. Parents should bring their child's birth certificate, immunization records, social security number, and proof of residency when enrolling. Children who attended school in the Butler R-V School District last year do not need to re-enroll.

    Pre-School Parents: Please see the Early Childhood Site for more information.