• Free ACT® preparation available through library

    Through Butler High School’s subscription to LearningExpress Library, students who need to take the ACT® have free access to online tutorials, practice tests and more resources to help them get their best scores.
    Whether you are a sophomore or junior planning to take College Algebra or other dual-credit courses next year, or a junior or senior applying for college admission and scholarships, LearningExpress Library’s college prep resources can help.

    Students can take practice tests for each section of the ACT® separately in one of three modes:

    • Simulation mode - The test will stop when the timer runs out.
    • Practice mode - The timer will display, but will not be enforced. After you finish the test, you will be able to see your answer, the correct answer and an explanation for each question.
    • Learner mode - You can see the answers to each question as you go through the test with no timer running.

    If you don’t have time to finish a whole section, you can choose to save your test and finish later.

    If you have never taken the ACT® before, you may benefit from taking the tutorial before attempting practice tests. The tutorial explains what kinds of questions are included in each test section, how much time is allowed and how it is scored. It also includes interactive lessons and practice exercises.

    When you are ready, you can take a full simulation test that includes all four tests (English, math, reading, and science) with the same question types, format and timing as the official ACT® test. Your simulation test will be scored instantly and you will be able to review your answers and explanations of the correct answers for each question.

    Free e-books containing flashcards and word games to build vocabulary for the ACT® are also available in the LearningExpress Library’s College Admissions Test Preparation Center.

    If you need help accessing these ACT prep tools, please contact Carol Hayes, library aide, at 660-679-6121, ext. 210, or carol.hayes@butler.k12.mo.us.