• The BHS VEX Robotics team brought home its first ever tournament championship on Saturday at the Joplin HS 4-States Battle Royale.   Teams from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri competed.
    Robot Drivers Seth Hogue and Drew Clutter did an excellent job of running the robot against some stiff competition and qualified to be the ally of the top ranked team at the end of the qualifying rounds, putting them automatically in the finals.  Fortunately, they had a "by" for the first two rounds of the finals - their robot was disabled due to being hit in the next to last of the qualifying rounds and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. The VEX team captain, Ian Apple, was able to spot the problem and helped them fix it in time take the field for the finals. 
    We took 2 robots that we were able to get upgraded to the new electronics system last week.  We had ordered the new equipment in October, but due to supply problems the company didn't get it to us until about ten days before we went to Joplin.  The new equipment is VERY different from what we are used to and doesn't fit in the same amount of space, causing problems for the second robot that we took on Saturday.  The kids did their best but luck of the draw for allies went against them in several rounds do the second robot didn't make the finals. 

    VEX Image of Seth and Drew with their allies for the final round, a team from a small town in southeastern Oklahoma.