Junior High Track

  • Julie Diehl, Head Coach
    Richard Courter, Assistant 

  • Eldo Springs April 25

    The Butler Junior High Track Team traveled to Eldorado Springs Thursday April 25th to  compete in the Invitational Relays against 19 other schools.  The Bears were not intimidated by the mass of competitors at the meet and put forth their best effort with several PR’s for the night!  Those efforts paid off because the 7th Grade Boys placed 3rd behind Lamar, and Warsaw, the 8th Grade Boys placed 4th to Stockton, Lamar, and Eldo, and the 8th Grade Girls finished 3rd behind Lamar and Greenfield, and all 4 of the 7th Grade Girls finished 10th. Taitlyn Madison and Noah Henderson both finished their JH careers by setting new school records in the 200m--lowering their own school records that were set just last week.  Congratulations to all of our JH athletes on an exceptional season!! Points were awarded for the top 8 places and the results are as follows:

    8th Grade Girls:  3rd Place Overall

    8th Place--Reana Van Voorst  100m Hurdles 21.6
    7th Place--Reana Van Voorst  Triple Jump 23’ 9.75”
    6th Place—Zoey Fritts   Long Jump 13’ 2”
    6th Place—Kayleigh Johnson    100m Hurdles 21.21
    5th Place—Taitlyn Madison   Long Jump— 13’ 5.5”
    5th Place— Reana Van Voorst  Pole Vault 6’

    2nd Place—4x100m Relay—Zoey Fritts, Kyreia Robinson, Annalee Gardner, Taitlyn Madison   57.87
    2nd Place—4x200m Relay—Zoey Fritts, Kyreia Robinson, Annalee Gardner, Taitlyn Madison   2:03.61
    2nd Place—Josie Johnston--Discus   84’ 3”
    1st Place—200 mDash— Taitlyn Madison   27.18 and ****a new Butler JH Record*****
    1st Place—4x400m Relay—Reana Van Voorst, Kyreia Robinson, Zoey Fritts, Annalee Gardner 4:54.88

     7th Grade Girls:  10th Place Overall

    8th Place--Ella Buckner  Shot Put 25’ 8.25”
    7th Place--4x100 m Relay— Haven Humphrey, Mallory Taylor, Macey Kelso, Ella Buckner  1:07.26
    6th Place—Ella Buckner   Long Jump 10’ 11”
    6th Place—Macey Kelso    100m Hurdles 21.00
    1st Place—Haven Humphrey   Discus 74’ 7”

    7th Grade Boys:  3rd Place Overall

    7th Place--Issac Rodriguez   Discus 67’ 10”
    5th Place—Dylan Davidson   200m Dash 28.67
    4th Place--4x100 m Relay— Issac Rodriguez, Mason Wheatley, Hunter Stevens, Cameron Anderson 1:01.7
    4th Place—Dylan Davidson    100m Hurdles 18.96
    4th Place—Issac Rodriguez—Shot Put   28’ 1.5”
    3rd Place—Dylan Davidson—Triple Jump  29’ 5”
    3rd Place—4x200 Relay—Hunter Stevens, Hunter Jackson, Cameron Anderson, Dylan Davidson 2:08.98
    2nd Place--Hunter Stevens  Shot Put 31’ .5”
    1st Place—Hunter Stevens  Discus 103’ 2”

     8th Grade: 4th Place Overall

    7th Place—Wyatt Heckadon    100m Hurdles 19.15
    7th Place—Wyatt Heckadon    Pole Vault 6’ 6”
    7th Place—Wyatt Heckadon    Triple Jump 29’ 6.75”
    6th Place—Brendin Patrick  Long Jump 15’ 2.75”
    6th Place— Parker Wilson   100m Hurdles 18.84
    5th Place—Kaleb Sandborn  High Jump 4’ 10”
    4th Place--4x400m Relay—Parker Wilson, Connor McCrary, Mason Diehl, Kaleb Sandborn—4:39.00
    3rd Place—Noah Henderson—Long Jump  16’ 2.5”
    3rd Place—Brendin Patrick--100m Dash  11.99
    2nd Place—4x200m Relay—Brendin Patrick, Mason Diehl, Kaleb Sandborn, Noah Henderson 1:50.01
    1st Place—4x100m Relay--Brendin Patrick, Mason Diehl, Kaleb Sandborn, Noah Henderson 51.76
    1st Place—200 mDash— Noah Henderson  24.28 and ****a new Butler JH Record*****


    Adrian, April 19

    On April 19th, Adrian hosted their Annual Middle School Invitational track meet.  There were 15 schools that participated and it was steep competition against schools such as Harrisonville, Prairie View, Harrisonville, and Holden to name a few.  The JH Bears worked hard and the Boys continued with their winning ways and took 1st place overall and the girls placed 4th!!!!!  Congratulations to the team and great effort to all!  The point winners for the night are as follows:


    7th Place: Josie Johnston--Shot Put 29’ 2”
    Reana Van Voorst--Pole Vault  5’ 6”
    6th Place Taitlyn Madison--100m Hurdles  18.79
    5th Place 4x100m Relay--Zoey Fritts, Reana Van Voorst, Kyreia Robinson, Annalee Gardner 59.13
    Haven Humphrey--Discus 70’ 7”
    4th Place Annalee Gardner--100 m dash 13.5

    Medal Winners:
    3rd Place       Josie Johnston--Discus  76’ 7”
    2nd Place       Taitlyn Madison--Long Jump 14’ 2”
    1st Place 4x 200m RelayZoey Fritts, Kyreia Robinson, Annalee Gardner, Taitlyn Madison 2:02.78
    1st Place Taitlyn Madison—200 m Dash   27.7
    1st Place Annalee Gardner--Pole Vault  9’9”


    8th Place Mason Diehl--100m Dash  13.26
    7th Place Issac Rodriguez--Shot Put  30’ 6.5”
    6th Place Dylan Davidsonl--Triple Jump  30’ 1”
    5th Place Parker Wilson—100m Hurdles 19.14
    Wyatt Heckadon--Pole Vault  7’ 6”
    4th Place Hunter Stevens--Discus  95’ 8”
    Brendin Patrick--Long Jump  15’ 8.25”

    Medal Winners:
    3rd Place Wyatt Heckadon--100m Hurdles  18.97
    1st Place Noah Henderson--200m dash  25.44
    Brendin Patrick--100m dash  11.94
    4x100 m RelayMason Diehl, Kaleb Sandborn, Brendin Patrick, Noah Henderson  51.56
    4x200 m RelayDylan Davidson, Kaleb Sandborn, Brendin Patrick, Noah Henderson 1:48.57


  •  Tuesday  4/9 at Pleasant Hill
    On Tuesday, the Junior High Track Team traveled to Pleasant Hill.  This was a big meet with schools we don’t normally see in our season such as Warrensburg, Odessa, Harrisonville, Knob Noster, and Clinton.  Overall the girls were able to finish in 4th place and the boys finished in 5th out of 7 despite the fact that we just don’t have the number of athletes as the other schools, but we had a beautiful day and we had many new personal records set!!  Here are the athletes that scored points in the meet:
    Girls Division:
    5th Place
            Haven Humphrey  Discus 65’ 7”
              4x100m Relay  Kayleigh Johnson, Savannah West, Kyreia Robinson, Taitlyn Madison  1:02.91
    4th Place
              Shot Put   Josie Johnston  28’ 4”
              4x200m Relay Savannah West, Kyreia Robinson, Annalee Gardner, Taitlyn Madison 2:08.97
    Medal Winners:
    3rd Place
            Reana Van Voorst Pole Vault 5’ 6”
    Annalee Gardner High Jump 4’ 6”
    2nd Place
    4x400m Relay Savannah West, Kyreia Robinson, Annalee Gardner, Taitlyn Madison 4:54.1
    Taitlyn Madison  Long Jump 15’ 8.50” and a new school record!!
    Josie Johnston  Discus 85’ 9”
    1st Place
    Annalee Gardner Pole Vault 9’6”
     Boys Division
    8th Place
              Connor McCrary  100 m Hurdles  20.21
    Hunter Stevens  Shot Put 28’ 9”
    Noah Henderson   Long Jump  15’ 8”
    6th Place
              Brendin Patrick-- Long Jump  16’ 1”
    5th Place
              Dylan Davidson  Triple Jump 30’ 5”
    4th Place
              Wyatt Heckadon  100m Hurdles  19.82
              4x200M Relay  Kaleb Sandborn, Dylan Davidson, Brendin Patrick, Noah Henderson  1:48.04
              4x100M Relay  Mason Diehl, Parker Wilson, Brendin Patrick, Noah Henderson  1:48.04
    Medal Winners:
    3rd Place
    Wyatt Heckadon  Pole Vault 6’ 6”
    1st Place
          Hunter Stevens  Discus 102’ 3”
          4x200M Relay Kaleb Sandborn, Dylan Davidson, Brendin Patrick, Noah Henderson  4:10.40

  • Archie Track Meet

  • Butler Junior High Track Results from Archie 4/9/2018
    The Butler Junior High Track Team traveled to Archie on Monday to compete in the Archie Invitational.   We competed very well and were very excited to get to compete in perfect--wind free weather!! Overall the Boys and Girls finished 3rd in their divisions out of 17 teams!!!  It was a great team effort with points being awarded to the top 8 places.  The following are point winners for the meet:
    Girls Division:
    7th Place:     4x400m Relay--Macey Kelso, Kaleigh Johnson, Savannah West, Reana VanVoorst 5:28.02
    6th Place:       Reana Van Voorst--Pole Vault 5’ 6”
                       Josie Johnston--Shot Put 26’ 10”
    4th Place:       Josie Johnston--Shot Put 29’ 1.5”
                       Annalee Gardner--High Jump 4’ 6”
                       4x800m Relay--Ella Buckner, Macey Kelso, Kaleigh Johnson, Savannah West 13:03.46
    Medal Winners:
    3rd Place:   Josie Johnston--Discus 76’ 8”
    2nd Place:     Taitlynn Madison--Long Jump 13’ 11”                            
    4x100m Relay--Zoey Fritts, Savannah West, Kyreia Robinson, Taitlyn Madison 1:00.19
    4x200m Relay--Zoey Fritts, Kyreia Robinson, Annalee Gardner, Taitlyn Madison 2:02.18
    1st Place:      Annalee Gardner--Pole Vault 10’ --New Butler JH record!!!!
                  Taitlynn Madison--200 m dash 29.04
    Boys Division:
    8th Place:       Dylan Davidson--Triple Jump 29’ 4
    7th Place      Dylan Davidson--High Jump 4’ 6”
    6th Place:     Noah Henderson--Long Jump  15’ 4”
                       Hunter Stevens--Shot Put 29’ 8”
                       4x800m Relay--Mason Wheatley, Hunter Stevens, Cameron Anderson, Hunter Jackson
    5th Place:     Wyatt Heckadon--Pole Vault  6’ 6”
                       Hunter Stevens--Discus  94’ 1”
                        Connor McCrary--100m Hurdles 19.45
    4th Place:      4x100m--Mason Diehl, Parker Wilson, Brendin Patrick, Noah Henderson--52.89
                       Brendin Patrick--100 m dash 12.55
                       Brendin Patrick--Long Jump 15’ 11”
    Medal Winners:
    3rd Place    Wyatt Heckadon--100 m Hurdles  19.13
                       4x200m Relay--Mason Diehl, Dylan Davidson, Kaleb Sandborn, Noah Henderson  1:51.62
                       4x400m Relay--Dylan Davidson, Connor McCray, Brendin Patrick, Kalen Sandborn 4:23.07
    1st Place:       Noah Henderson--200m dash 25.18 New JH School Record!!

  • Cass Midway Track Meet

  • The Butler Junior High Track Team traveled to Cass Midway on Wednesday March 27th to compete in the Cass Midway Invitational.   Once again we had many outstanding performances! We had perfect temperatures, but typical for Cass Midway—the wind was tough!! We had a good showing--finishing 4th place in both the Boys and Girls divisions against 15 schools!!!! The following are point winners for the meet:
    Girls Division:
    4th Place:        Josie Johnston—Shot Put  28’ 7”
     Medal Winners:
    2nd Place:       Taitlynn Madison--100m Hurdles  18.66
    Josie Johnston--Discus   78’5”     
    1st Place: 4x200 Relay—Zoey Fritts, Kayleigh Johnson, Annalee Gardner, Taitlynn Madison 2:03.62
    4x400 Relay—Reana VanVoorst, Zoey Fritts, Annalee Gardner, Taitlynn Madison 5:04.45
    Annalee Gardner--Pole Vault  9
    Annalee Gardner--Long Jump 14’ 11.25”
              Boys Division:  
    5th Place:        Wyatt Heckadon—100 m Hurdles 19.31
    Brendin Patrick—Long Jump  15’ 6”
    4th Place:Wyatt Heckadon—Triple Jump  25’ 2.5”
     Medal Winners      
    3rd  Place:   Noah Henderson--Long Jump  13’ 6.5”
    2nd  Place:      Dylan Davidson--Triple Jump  29’ 8”
    1st Place:4x200 Relay—Brendin Patrick, Dylan Davidson, Kaleb Sandborn, Noah Henderson1:49.55
                   4x100 Relay—Connor McCrary, Wyatt Heckadon, Mason Diehl, Noah Henderson  55.53
                   4x400 Relay—Brendin Patrick, Dylan Davidson, Noah Henderson, Kaleb Sandborn 4:22.30    

  • Butler Track Meet

  • Results of the Butler Junior High All Relays Meet 2019!
    The Butler Junior High Track Team competed in their first meet of the season on Friday March 22.  It was a fun meet since every event is a relay and the kids did everything they could to perform their best for their team.  The 7th Grade Boys had a great 1st track meet placing 2nd overall behind Lamar, and our Co-ed Division had an awesome night and placed 1st overall!!  Here are the results of the events that our athletes scored points to help with our success and the medal winners!
    Boys Division: 4th Overall
    6th Place         Long Jump: Kaleb Sandborn, Wyatt Heckadon, Connor McCrary
    5th Place         Shot Put:  Cameron Anderson, Hunter Jackson
    Medal Winners 
    3rd Place        4x200:  Parker Wilson, Connor McCrary,Mason Diehl, Wyatt Heckadon
    1st Place        Shuttle Hurdles:  Caleb Poland, Kaleb Sandborn, Parker Wilson, Connor McCrary
    1st Place        4x400:  Parker Wilson, Connor McCrary, Hunter Jackson, Dylan Davidson
    7th Grade Boys Division:  2nd Overall!!
    5th Place         Discus:  Cameron Anderson, Hunter Jackson, Hunter Stevens
    Medal Winners 
    2nd Place       4x200:   Hunter Jackson, Mason Wheatley, Hunter Stevens, Dylan Davidson
    2nd Place       4x100:   Caleb Poland, Mason Wheatley, Issac Rodriguez, Cameron Anderson
    2nd Place       Long Jump:  Dylan Davidson, Mason Wheatley
    Girls Division:  4th Overall
    6th Place       Long Jump:  Ella Buckner, Macey Kelso, Mallory Taylor
    5th Place       4x100:  Haven Humphrey, Ella Buckner, Savannah West, Kayleigh Johnson
    4th Place       100-100-200-400: Haven Humphrey, Ella Buckner, Mallory Taylor, Macey Kelso
    Medal Winners
    2nd Place       Shuttle Hurdles:  Mallory Taylor, Macey Kelso, Kyreia Robinson, Reana VanVoorst
    1st Place       4x400:   Kyreia Robinson, Savannah West, Zoey Fritts, Taitlynn Madison
    Coed Division:  Champions!!!!
    Medal Winners
    2nd Place       Discus:  Josie Johnston, Haven Humphrey, Caleb Poland, Issac Rodriguez
    2nd Place       Long Jump: Annalee Gardner, Reana VanVoorst, Mason Diehl, Noah Henderson
    1st Place        100-100-200-400:  Zoey Fritts, Wyatt Heckadon, Taitlyn Madison, Noah Henderson
    1st Place        4x200:  Kyreia Robinson, Kaleb Sandborn, Taitlyn Madison, Noah Henderson
    1st Place        Shot Put: Josie Johnston, Haven Humphrey, Hunter Stevens, Issac Rodriguez
    1st Place        4x400  Reana VanVoorst, Mason Diehl,  Annalee Gardner, Noah Henderson

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