Butler Elementary School follows BIST (Behavior Intervention Support Team) as the discipline program.  BIST’s mission is to help teachers, administrators, parents, and students learn techniques to effect positive change and create a healthy learning environment for all.  We accomplish this through grace and accountability.

    At Butler Elementary School it is:

    • Never okay to be disruptive
    • Never okay to be hurtful: Physically, emotionally, or with property

    Here are some terms that you may see or hear:

    • Safe Seat - a place in the classroom where students can remain for instruction while restricting their environment so that inappropriate behavior will stop.
    • Buddy Room - if a safe seat is unsuccessful, a student may be sent to a different classroom Safe Seat.
    • Think Sheet - allows students the opportunity to examine their behavior and to develop a plan on how to replace the negative behavior with a more positive behavior.
    • Processing - the time an adult spends with a child discussing the actions that led to the student completing a think sheet.


    When a student is disruptive (hurtful to and/or about another student or adult; and/or interferes with the learning of other students), the teacher will confront the student in a caring manner without the use of anger.


    When students are having a problem with their behavior, they may hear some of the following questions and statements from their teacher.

    • Are you okay?
    • Can you do this even though you don’t want to?
    • What was the problem?
    • Why was it a problem?
    • Who did it hurt?
    • What can you do to take care of yourself and not be in trouble?
    • What can you do next time this happens?
    • It’s OK to have a problem, but it isn’t OK to stay stuck with it.
    • Can you be OK even when others are not?