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GAFE (Google Apps for Education) Resources

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Technology Tuesday Tips & Training


Google Classroom

Google Forms

GAFE Presentations

BHS Google Classroom Introduction

Google Apps Learning Center -Visit this site to Learn By Product (GMail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.)

Chromebooks and Chrome 101 

Google Drive: The Basics  

Google Translate

Do it with the iPads. Google style 

Breakout Challenge

Becoming a YouTube Jedi

Beta Culture - Changing the mindset and approach, of teaching with technology

Future Ready Assessments FOR Learning

A Snapshot of Google Photos

Certified Googly Goodness-How to Become Google Educator Certified!

Read&Write for Google Chrome for All Learners -Read & Write Extension - includes images to better explainwords - Free for teachers

Read & Write for iPad

Snapverter-Take a picture with your smartphone or IPad and create accessible content in Google Drive - Includes 10 free initial scans, then 1 free scan per week-  -SmartPhone YouTube Instructions

Fluency Tutor -Bring readers up to speed. This App lets students prepare and record assigned reading passages -  Free for basic settings -More video's on how to use it. - Fluency Tutor Extension

Start your Google Drive Engines  - Discover how students and educators can be in the driver's seat to better personal productivity, creating, saring, researching and collaboration with Google Drive.

Twitter as Professional Development Tool - Twitter is a quick and easy way to connect with like minded educators, get ideas and resources and participate in educational chats.

Getting Geeky with Chromebooks - Add-ons, extensions, and apps, tools that ultimately enhance instruction and make a teacher's life more efficient

Learn the basics of Google Mail and Google Calendar

WeVideo: Active Learing, Engaged Students - WeVideo for Schools makes video creation easy to manage and implement using any device: smarphones, tablets, Chromebooks and desktop computers.

Building Google Sites - This shows you ways to use Google sites and will give hands on use of creating a site, posting content, embedding You Tube, Images and Google Drive files.

AutoCrat - A Google Sheet Add-On - It can make managing large scale communications easier. It can assit with organizing responses and collaborations with others. Adding autoCrat to your Google Sheets enhances what you can do with the information found in a Google sheet.

Assessment Isn't a Dirty Word - See fun and great ways to assess your students without losing your mind.

Advanced Google Classroom - Learn how to take your students' learning to the next level in Classroom.

Google Classroom - See how Classroom works and get some ideas for how to use it with your students.

MyMaps: Student Created Maps! - Learn how to use Google MyMaps to have students create resources to share with the world.

Working Smarter and Creating Harder with YouTube - Learn how to use YouTube in new ways to provide quality instructional content to your students.

To Tell a Story - Learn how to give students the freedom to desing and create stories their way that shows understanding of the content authentically and provide access to digital tools that inspire a more creative approach to the storytelling process.

Achievement Unlocked: Chrome Productivity - Learn ways to set Chrome to be more productive. Extensions are suggested to improve workflow.

Fluency Tutor for Google - Gain Reading Speed, Accuray and Confidence.  How to Use Fluency Tutor  Get the Fluency Tutor App   Get the Fluency Tutor Share Extension - This allows you to create passages from any content on the web and share with your students.

Exploring Design Thinking - Understand the Design Thinking process and mindset and how it can be used to fuel creative thinking and problem solving.

Google and the four C's - Students and teachers alike can create, communicate, collaborate and critically think in refreshing new ways with a few of these Google Gems, most notably Google Drawing.

Google Classroom & Doctopus/Goobric for Standards Based Grading - Learn how to incorporate the use of the Doctopus/Goobric Add-On to your use of Google Classroom so you can give your students quality feedback in a standards based grading environment.

Going Cross-Curricular with Google Geo Tools (Maps and Earth) - The world of Google Geo has some powerful teaching and instructional tools built right in.

Coding and Gamification, Is it Really Learning? - Practical lessons and options for coding and Gamification.

Get Geeky with Google Maps - Taking Maps to the Next Level

Project-Based Learning Google Apps Smash - Learn how to leverage the power of Google Apps to manage, enhance, and extend project-based learning in your classroom.

Google Sites - Learn how to create a site, basic editing, creating a site structure, and how to bring in content from Google Drive, YouTube, and Google Calendar to create a robust digital center for your classroom.

Google Apps for Ed. - Links for help with Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Newspaper Archive, Google Cultural Institute, Chrome Extensions, and YouTube

Google Drawing - Learn how to use Google Drawing for various activities (create mindmaps, flowcharts, logos, manipulate images, etc.) - Sample Drawing

Maker Mindset - Use this to infuse more creativity into the learning experience.

Google Chrome - 60 Apps and Extensions - 100 Tips for Google Chrome - Chrome Apps for Your Classroom - Recommended Apps & Extensions for Elementary students by Grade Level

Design Thinking Resources - Experience the design thinking process while solving the most pressing problems of practice in our classrooms and schools. Get inspired to build, measure and learn.